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Terms and conditions of the website
Welcome to ltt152.com, a website created by lumion tutorial team“ The terms and conditions of this website, so read these terms and conditions carefully in any transaction on the website. For the purpose of this Agreement and these terms, “this website” means ltt152.com, which can be connected to other websites. Our network and other external websites.
Please read carefully the terms and conditions of this website before you agree with the website terms and conditions and online. Place of work
Website usage
This website may occasionally change the agreement and terms of service. Therefore, visitors can visit this website. There should be a small detail to help you update the terms and conditions.
In addition, the site contains text, content, computer programs, pictures, videos, sounds, or graphics. You have to admit that everything displayed on this website is LTT protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. 152.com through overhead, no duplication, editing, and content or data streams, computer programs, pictures, videos, sounds, or graphics. They haven’t received written consent from ltt152.com yet.
The trademarks and logos displayed on this website are registered, and there are no registered trademarks. Therefore, strictly prohibit the use of the trademark, you have to admit that the owner of the trademark will be sued. Law on infringement of intellectual property rights
You agree not to use this website or its services to collect information from customers or advertisers.
You agree not to do these things, use automation software, BOT system 41, penetrate into the database system, modify, modify, modify or modify. Data access with other software, including data collection from ltt152.com services and accounting or other services. decisive
You agree not to use any software of ltt152.com without authorization. stain
About the website
Ltt152.com is committed to collecting the latest and accurate information. However, ltt152.com does not guarantee that Ensure the accuracy of the data, especially ltt152.com does not accept or assume any responsibility for any error or omission of the website content. well.
Website delivery
All information you send to ltt152.com will be treated as confidential and non exclusive. Everything you have. Send, publish or publish. Ltt152.com can use this information without any conditions.
You must accept the information you post on our website. We do not infringe the rights of any third party, including copyright, perfume. Transaction, privacy or other personal property. You must be responsible for all information.
When you use this website, you need my consent and ltt152.com to collect information about the use of your website or ltt152.com is correct. Use the information specified in our privacy policy
Links to other websites
This site can connect to other sites. This link can help you search for sites, services, or products. Relevant fast and easy. We have no power to control, guarantee accuracy or reliability or accountability. Website content of outsiders or any connection contained in a third party website determines the service or service The products offered through these websites meet your goals? Ltt152.com is your responsibility. Can control and not be responsible for the content of these sites, all the content and limited media agencies are not involved. With respect to any warranty or damage involving the owner or operator of any website. Any other type of website, including the website of any person who damages, infringes copyright or intellectual property rights. Three.
Ltt152.com does not allow unauthorized links to be inserted on this site.
Step by step denial of liability
You have to admit that when you enter the site, you take the risk and you have to bear all the costs. If you have the right to use ltt152.com, employees or other agents will not be liable for any damage, loss or expense. Demand or demand, whether direct or indirect, damages or the occurrence of damages related to the use of Your website or information, components or products are included in this website. These rules are in accordance with the law. If there is any dispute, Thailand will be settled by the court.
Changes in terms and conditions
As a result, our privacy policy, agreement and terms of service include: Our advertising rules may change occasionally. We recommend that you check them regularly.